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Catch the eye with dynamic scrolling LED Ticker displays.

Ticker digital displays keep your audience engaged. These custom LED electronic displays can be filled with up to the minute sports scores, financial quotes, and headline news. What's more, you can blend those live updates in with your own public announcements, marketing campaigns, and company branding messages. Rise Tickers can be shaped to fit the architecture of any room, be it short or long, straight or curved. Adding a Rise custom electronic display is a strong and effective way to attract attention and communicate key messages in any environment.

Customize your scrolling LED Ticker to make it blend in with your facility:
  • Select the height – 16 pixels, 24 pixels, or the unique 32 pixel twin ticker
  • Select the length – tickers start at 6ft and can be expanded indefinitely in 1 ft increments
  • Bend the corners – standard 90 degree corners are available, but we can customize the cut of the angle to achieve the exact shape that meets your specific needs
  • Match the radius – tickers can be curved to match as tight as an 8ft radius
  • Go vertical – stand your ticker on end to send your text up or down vertically

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