Trade Shows are all about presentation.  Attract attention and communicate your concepts and ideas with any of our single or multi-line LED ticker displays.

 Single Line Tickers - Our recommendation is the the AMS 300 series displays.  Three inch tri-color characters, easily visible and readable from 150 feet.  Easy to program and operate with handheld keyboard, or with software and a laptop PC.  Mounts with brackets, hangs suspended or can sit on a shelf.  

 Graphical Tickers - If graphics are a key to your presentation, we have a 32x128 Tri-color matrix display that fits the bill.  We can create the graphics and the entire presentation for you.  Perfect for events where celebrities or athletes are signing autographs such as Major League Baseball's All Star FanFest. 

 Financial Tickers:   Stock market quotes and sports scores are now available at your trade show booth or event.  All you need it a high speed internet drop to the booth.  We provide the rest, including ticker, PC with software, cables, and mounting brackets.

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